About Mark Bromley

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Thanks for checking out my website!

I am passionate about many things: my beautiful family, supportive circle of friends, and the beauty of nature and the ocean.  I was drawn to photography later in life as a creative outlet.  I was inspired by how the camera can be a filter for the imagination and how individual perspective is translated into a visual format.

Having spent much of my youth at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, as an old school body boarder and single Father to two amazing kids, it was only natural that my "studio" became the beach.  

My favorite subject is The Shack at Windansea, which has been designated a historical landmark.  Built in 1946 it has become a revered symbol of our local reef surfing history and the legacies of the people who built it.  There's a unique Aloha spirit at Windansea.

In sorting and putting together images for this website, it has surprised me how I have captured the many moods or seasons of The Shack.  Funny actually as so many complain that San Diego has no seasons. 

I hope that my images inspire you as much as capturing them has inspired me.  As I grow as a photographer, and person, I am continuing to broaden my appreciation for nature and people in general.  I enjoy volunteering for local organizations and events; documenting through photography the people and places that have meant a lot to me through the years.  

I hope my images will allow you to connect with your emotions and memories of people and events as well.  

Many Alohas, 

Mark Bromley